Tuesday, January 12, 2010

10AM - The Struggle Continues...

Ho-ly shit! 

     This game is so much fun! I had no idea! I was a little slow getting up to snuff in the training but once you get into the mixes my god, it's amazing. And this is just at ten on a Tuesday morning. How awesome would this be at ten on a saturday night?!?! When I'm even more drunk than I am now! (Honestly the only thing that gets me up this early is a pint of vodka and the sight of the neighbor-ladies jogging by.) 

     The turntable isn't the easiest thing to use and can sometimes get away from you, (and right now my effects knob doesn't want to work) but like guitar hero it's not THAT hard to learn and after a little bit of practice it shouldn't be too hard to master. I also REALLY like the little-to-no wait time between tracks. That is the bomb! 

      But look at me I'm gushing here and in the interest of science I need to try and stay objective. Objective, Objective, Objective! I mean how will my wrists hold up after say, hour 10? Will the game lose it's luster by then? Will I ever hear too much Queen and Daft Punk? We'll see, scientific community ... we'll see...

     Thank god there are no windows down here to distract me. For now I'm just going to keep playing! 

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