Monday, January 11, 2010

Science In The Now: January Experiment!

12 Hours Of D.J. Hero

Tuesday January 12th 2010. 

     This shall be a red letter day in scientific history. The attractive new decade is upon us, pulling up our preverbal driveway while the old, gangly and ultimately un-loved 'Two-Thousands" thankfully sneaks it's sorry out-dated ass out of the back bedroom window and into the mist of our memories. (Half-naked, cold and feeling more sexually rejected than ever the previous decade can just suck it and leave because we've all had enough!)

     2010 marks a sexy new age of discovery and innovation for the human race and optimism for where future technology and progressive thought can bring us and our environment. Being the acclaimed media outlet beloved by millions that I know this is, I'm going to get this party started off right! With a video game marathon! (But it's for science, I swear!) 

The Experiment:

     The long-awaited DJ Hero was finally released internationally at the end of October 2009 and we all want to know if it's up to snuff. Everyone is familiar with the gaming juggernaut Guitar Hero and it's revolutionizing of the way we learn how to play rock and roll music but can DJ Hero keep this nerdiest of torches burning bright? Is this new foray into modern musical gaming going to captivate audiences as much as the beloved Guitar Hero series?

     Granted, the hard nerds have most likely already played the living crap out of it by now but what about the rest of us who have lives and jobs and bills and celebrity kidnappings* to deal with? I'm not in college anymore. I don't have student loan money to burn on expensive plastic turntables and I'm sure a lot of other people out there feel the same way. So is it really worth it? Have no fear because the January 2010 experiment is going to figure this out**.

Questions are going to be answered!

Is it worth the approximately one-hundred and twenty dollar price tag?
How long does it take to actually master the controls compared to Guitar Hero?
Is it even fun when you don't have the controls mastered? 
Will I get a seizure from playing it**?
Will any of my scientific partners get seizures from watching it?
Will skill with DJ Hero help me pick up the ladies? 

These and more as I start at 8am and continue with regular hourly updates until 8pm. Here and on twitter!     

     This is for science! This is for discovery! Mostly it's because I have a day off and I don't have a girlfriend. But if anything can leave the ladies wanting a healthy slice of little old me then it's got to be this online documentation of the single geekiest thing I've ever done in my entire life. (This of course is excluding any midnight screenings of 'Phantom Of The Paradise' or that time I got an erection from Marina Sirtis.) 
* Whatever Viggo Mortensen says about me is a dirty lie

** 2010 is the year of discovery and as such this blog will be plagued with monthly pop-culture related science experiments that will in no way benefit mankind. I want my Ig Nobel damnit!

*** Oh right, This is an experiment that may be hazardous to some people so do not try this yourself. If you get hurt from doing it well it's your own problem because I freaking warned you! Safe gaming. 

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