Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8 AM

     Adhering to my sterling physical fitness regime, like any modern day strong man, (The Rock, Popeye, Al Gore, Nas, Rosie O'Donnell) I begin my daily routine promptly at 7:30 Am with no less than 15 minutes in the poop closet where it's my duty to see how everyone in Riverdale is doing. 

     (I read Archie, I didn't name my toilet Riverdale. Coincidentally when I come upon an unusually stubborn piece of morning excrement it's not uncommon to hear me remark, "Oh Moose. You're never going to catch Reggie if you can't lose some weight" bellowing from the poop closet. Then it's time for the roommate's potato masher.)

     After that it's time to carb the hell up with as much cold pasta as I can shove in my mouth, (To ensure Riverdale doesn't get lonely later on) and proceed to install DJ Hero on my Playstation 3! 

     Stay tuned for when 9am rolls around and I'll give my official report on how well installation and start-up is! 

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