Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12pm - Muncho Luncho

     Well hello there. I didn't see you come in. 

     It's starting to get a little tiresome. I think it just needs to be louder. Also I wish I had a bigger Television. And since we've got the xmas list out and about I wish all these walls weren't so bloody white. I feel like I'l not going to make due to impending insanity. 

     You know when you go to the zoo and you see two monkeys with their tales tied together and each one is running away from the other but not getting anywhere and all you can do is yell, "You stupid monkeys! Why can't you feel a tugging on your bum?!" (This happens a lot when I go to the zoo.) Well I feel a bit like both monkeys right now. Both monkeys and the cruel zookeeper who tied them together in the first place.

Better keep plugging along I suppose. It's still fun and is slowly getting harder, which is good. 

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