Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3PM - Woooosh

     So all the things one would expect to happen after hours of gaming are. Mild headache, eyes bugging out and my left wrist is starting to stiffen up. But you know, it never was a strong as the right one. Maybe that's DJ Hero's plan after all. To balance out the arm size in nerds once and for all... if you catch my meaning. (Because we masturbate a lot.) 

     Also one thing that's kind of surprising me is that some of the songs actually sound like crap. I can't name names right now but just listening to some of them they sound a little like trash. I mean I can tolerate some rotten tracks because I'm playing the game and everything, but I feel bad for anyone that has to sit there and hear them. 

     But I'm dedicated and about half way thorough I think. So lets keep this gravy train a rollin'!

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