Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4PM - Medical Side Effects

     I can't help but think that as the hours drift by with such ease that I could be doing something more productive with my time. But if I wasn't enjoying this fine video gamed entertainment program, then what about all the hard, productive work of the people that made it? Surely it took more than 12 tiny hours for the designers and programmers and animators to weave this masterwork together. What about the multitudes of artists and musicians who contributed their toil and talent with sweet tracks and oh so many funky-fresh mixes?

     I think of all these things then I'm quickly and painfully reminded of the stiffness my hand joints are starting to feel at the mercy of this urban opera of the video game. Sure it's not the BEST game I've ever played, but it's up there. (Donkey Kong can keep his bananas because right now I don't want any of that nonsense.) 

     As of right now the game is starting to take a physical toll. Other than my joints, I've got major Swimmer's Eye, a visual phenomenon where looking at anything in the room other than a 'Hero' or 'DDR' type game gives these things the illusion that they are floating and melting apart and together. It's kind of nauseating. And my hand-eye coordination is starting to suffer. I find when I make mistakes in the game they last over more notes. The fumble just gets bigger and bigger.

     But I'm sticking with it! For Science! And lazy afternoons everywhere!

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